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After the end of S2 and during the course of S3A, I was getting more and more interested in the possibility of Emma/Neal/Regina dynamics. All three of them are Henry’s parents who care for him. And all three of them have their own parental issues to deal with.

One of my dearest wishes during early S3 was that after Neverland arc was over, we would get to see this awkward family dynamic as all three of Henry’s parents try and navigate the new and unfamiliar territorry.

First of all, they would have to come up with some kind of a custody arrangement. Henry wants all three of them in his life. But there are prevalent issues from earlier (Regina’s gaslighting him pre/during S1 or using magic on him in late S2, Neal being really new to the job and so far being viewed as the cool parent - what would happen if he put his foot down about something? -, Emma stepping in only recently as well) that need addressing and solving.

And then there are their own parental issues as I said. Each of them has a reason to question themselves: What kind of parent will I be? Will I repeat my parents’ mistakes?

We saw this partially addressed with Regina early on in We Are Both when she realized how much like Cora she had become. Things like that don’t just go away. She would doubt and worry: What if I become like my mother? What if I hurt my son the way my mother hurt me?

Neal’s issues are mostly with abandonment. His mother left him. His father let him go. He wronged Emma when he left her. He wants to do something good and it backfires on him. What if he fails Henry too? What if he messes things up again?

Emma now knows that her parents had a good reason for letting her go. But in her heart, she still feels like an orphan. Her childhood was so unstable, going from one foster home to another. What kind of an example does she have to draw on when it comes to Henry? Can she actually be a good mother to him? She wants to be but is that enough?

So many questions, so many doubts. But they have to face them and to put them behind. For Henry’s sake and, just as importantly, for their own sake.

Maybe it’s just me. But I would have loved to watch how these three different people, from such different backgrounds would struggle to overcome their pasts, their legacies, their fears. And if, in the process, they would become close, co-parents, friends, even lovers, wouldn’t that be a beautiful story in and of itself?

Well, we’ll never know now, will we?

The saddest words in any language are: Could have been.

Crown of Love, Crown of Lies (9634 words) by mischiefgoddesscomplex [AO3]


Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Tasertricks - Fandom, Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Loki, Darcy Lewis/Thor, Sif/Thor
Characters: Darcy Lewis, Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Sif (Marvel), Odin (Marvel), Hogun (Marvel), Fandral (Marvel), Volstagg (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Arranged Marriage, Extramarital Affairs, Loki is misunderstood, Darcy is curious, Both are lonely, Drama, Angst, Dark Humor, Sexual Tension, Smut, Recreational Drug Use, aka just some pot cuz I imagine Darcy is into that, AU where Darcy has no prior knowledge or interactions with Asgard(ians)

"You have to want to," His voice seems to crawl across her skin, dark and seductive.

Darcy shifts her weight from her left to her right, weighing the pros and cons. He’s a criminal, convicted of god knows what crimes, and he’s inviting her (quite literally) straight into the wolf’s den. But her heart still skips a beat as her eyes meet his, before wildly pounding away again in her throat.

"Well, Miss Lewis?" He asks, his words filling the silence, "Do you want to?"
The good news is that Ragnarok hadn’t completely destroyed Earth before the Aesir put an end to the apocalypse. A new world order is in place, a peace treaty is signed between Midgard and Asgard and - in a medieval move - they’ve agreed upon an arranged marriage between a woman of earth and the prince of Asgard as a sign of good faith. The bad news? Darcy is that woman.

Chapters 5 AND 6 are up! Darcy finds herself the object of inexplicable curiosity for one God of Mischief. Oh, also there’s a wedding. 

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