Wow, episode 4x02 seems to be either a love or hate it episode for a lot of people. I’m in the middle. I enjoyed it but it won’t be my favorite episode ever or anything.

But it’s cracking me up that half my dash and the spoilers tag is “OMG best episode ever!” and the other half is “Totally up there with Selfless Brave and True as one of the worst episodes of the show!”

The biggest thing I took away from this episode is if Bobby and Lana left the show it would die a very sad death in Jump-the-Shark-ville. Cause it was very clear that the Charmings and Frozen and Emma and her eye candy lap dog would NO WAY be able to carry it for very long.

I will be curious at next weeks ratings. I think this week will still be high cause last week was good and probably pulled enough people back. But I bet they’ll take a dive NEXT week — because I think this week will cause a significant number to tune out.

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